Condition Monitoring

Antlia Services provide comprehensive, in depth and actionable monitoring that includes data gathering and interpretation of the health of all your rotating equipment through to simple trending of vibration and temperature readings dependant upon the specific requirements of the client.

Our team of engineers will provide you with the information you need to make critical production and maintenance decisions. Decisions that will improve your processes, enhance the overall reliability of your plant and safeguard against unexpected machinery failures.

Advanced Data gathering capabilities include both remote and local technologies:

  • Emerson Wireless Condition monitoring
  • SIHI Detect
  • Pruftechnik Hand Held Instruments

Antlia Services can work with you to improve the overall reliability of your plant while safeguarding against unplanned machinery failures.

Antlia Services provide a comprehensive condition monitoring service which is primarily aimed at reducing plant down time, eradicating sudden failure and reducing overhaul cost. This allows for planning of plant shutdowns, pre-ordering of spares and ensuring availability of personnel to complete the required works.

Given that a moderately sized UK plant will spend £250,000 annually on plant maintenance, a saving of £62,000 plus additional savings on production, power and ancillary activities represents a very good return on implementing our CM program.

Turbine Bearing Readings
Turbine Bearing Readings

Condition Monitoring Benefits

Condition Monitoring (CM) will help predict equipment failure, thus the cost of repair will be lower and the time to effect the repair will be shorter, plant will restart quicker. You can reduce or eliminate routine machine shutdown.

Prediction of failures can help with shutdown planning, enabling further works to be planned and completed in what would normally be an unexpected shutdown. A proven CM routine should enable you to negotiate better plant insurance rates.

You can “push” process machines harder to gain extra production if needed whilst monitoring plant condition. The common denominator of all these benefits is cash. Improved process plant availability, and reduced maintenance costs effectively mean a more profitable production plant.

In 1988 the DTI reported that companies who have implemented a CM program on their plant on average spend 25% less on maintenance of the plant than companies who have no CM program.